STS Ref-Air is a southern African agent for Snowkey ice makers, including flake, blast, plate and tube ice machines, as well as concrete cooling systems, manufactured by Fujian Snowman Co.


Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies ice machines primarily in China. Its products include concrete cooling systems, such as containerized ice making machines and water chillers, and concrete cooling solutions, as well as automatic ice storage, delivery, and weighing equipment; and flake ice machines, such as flake ice evaporators, fresh water flake ice machines for land, and sea water flake ice machines for land and ships. The company’s products also comprise tube ice machines; block ice machines consisting of containerised block ice machines, saltwater block ice machines, and aluminium plank block ice machines; plate ice machines, such as plate ice makers; and slurry ice machines. In addition, it offers quick frozen machines, including spiral, tunnel, and plate freezers; compressor units comprising standalone double stage screw compressors and single stage screw compressors; cold storage panels and combine cold storage rooms; SEC evaporative condensers; and cooling fans. The company’s ice making equipment is used in food processing and storage; man-made ski slopes; and cooling applications in construction, supermarkets, ocean fishing, nuclear projects, chemical and medical industries, etc. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Fuzhou, China.

STS Ref-Air has had experience installing Snowkey ice machines in South Africa and Angola.