How does STS Plant Watch work?

STS Plant Watch enables you to control and monitor your alarm, machinery and equipment from your cellphone.

It instantly sends you and other cellphones an SMS  the moment your alarm is triggered. The system will keep on sending you an SMS every 15 minutes until the temperature is back to normal.

You can install STS Plant Watch by connecting the unit to your existing alarm system’ but we also have stand-alone systems available.

Ideal to provide SMS notifications for fridges/freezers/computer/server/air-conditioned rooms.

Reports to 8 cellphone users when temperature goes above or below the range you are monitoring. The SMS will also contain the temperature at that specific moment.

LCD screen on which you can check the temperature.

Also monitors power loss/restore (Eskom power). It notifies you via SMS when the power is off/on.

Temperature range is adjustable by the user (you programme it yourself).

It has a 1.5m wire (6-core) with a temperature probe at the edge that you put inside the fridge, under the rubber of the door (the whole system is not put inside the fridge/freezer). The 1.5 m cable must not be extended.

It has a 1 Amp battery inside, which will give you a battery back-up time of 2-6 hours.

Available configurations:

–        Extra Temperature Sensor with 16×2 or 20×4 line LCD

–        A custom STS Plant Watch can be made up to monitor up to 4 fridges if you connect extra sensors. Each extra sensor can be up to 5 m away from the main STS

Plant Watch, on the same premises.

–        Poultry monitoring and daily set adjustment.

–        Pharmacy / Doctor refrigerators.

–        Frost control/Prevention – “Ryp beheer” – E.g sends SMS between -5 and 5 degrees on 1 degree intervals